Our products

Brûleur industriel 100mg Nox
Standard industrial burners

Our range of standard
burners covers conventional fuels:
natural gas, heavy and domestic fuel oil.

The products

Our burners comprise burners for furnaces and boilers, start-up and support burners  for solid combustion incineration units. Some models are fitted with guillotine.


The variation in heat level can be applied on a range of 1 to 15, respecting the limits in pollutant emissions.

The carbon monoxide emissions fall under 10mg and nitrogen oxide under 50mg without external flue gas recirculation.


Our products can be integrated as a source of energy on industrial furnaces in chemical plants and refineries, on steam or overheated water generators, hot gas generators, biomass boilers, domestic waste or sewage sludge incineration units, and combined cycles in post-combustion.

Supplied system

We supply a comprehensive combustion system integrating the burner and its accessories, the safety and regulation toolkit, the fan unit, the control-command panel and when necessary, the pumping unit.

Specialty burners

The range of specialty burners covers unconventional fuels and some industrial processes (sulfur chemicals).

The products

Our range includes burners for lean gas, low pressure gas, industrial effluents, viscous or powdery fuels, liquid sulfur, acid gas (Claus process) and other special applications.


The characteristics and performances are adjusted to each special case: heat level variation, pollutant emission limits, type of regulation, operating rules.


Our burners can be adapted to specific regulations, such as the US and GOST R standards, professional (refinery) and environment-specific (maritime, tropical, corrosive, sandy, etc.) standards.


Our equipments are fitted on industrial effluent treatment units, toxic waste incineration units, in industrial processes and demanding environments.

Combustion industrielle
Supplied system

We supply a comprehensive combustion system: the burner and its accessories, the safety and regulation tool-kit, the fan unit, the control-command panel and if necessary, the pumping unit.

Service, spare parts and accessories

France Thermique offers
to replace the wearing parts needed for its installations
or for third party implantations.

After-sales service

France Thermique makes sure your equipment lasts thanks to a proactive, fast and efficient after-sales service.


Our archives enable us to intervene on our oldest installations. Our missions cover the audit, repair and preventive maintenance.


We have a range of renowned igniters for gas, liquid or biomass fuel installations.

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