Customer-oriented service

Our teams at France Thermique stand ready to determiner the best solution adjusted to your needs. Our experience and knowledge in your line of business enables us to meet all your needs in the field of combustion and to supply solutions with a high level of engineering.

We adapt to your deployment constraints: integration of the co-activity of the different actors on the site to minimize the impact on the on-site operations.
We are flexible and reactive to our clients’ contingencies and we guarantee respect of the deadlines.


at the scale
of all the

France Thermique has a structured organization thanks to processes developed to guarantee high operational performance and effective coordination with our partners.
It is committed to set high standards for the result of its work at each step of the project.

France Thermique mobilizes its expertise to select the solutions that best fit the clients’ situations.

It fosters its human capital and integrates the feedback from prior projects in its proposals to anticipate at the utmost possible roll-out issues.


An on-going area
of improvement

We are certified under the British standard OHSAS 18001, “British Standard Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series”, which is the model for the future ISO 45001 standard.

The OHSAS management system is an on-going improvement process meant to guarantee the safety of people and property at the different stages of the life-cycle of our equipments: manufacture, set-up and operation.
This certification guarantees safety for the company and its partners. It aims at improving risk management to limit the number of accidents, to comply with the law and to improve performances.

Research and

innovate and invest
in the future

Our products are the result of our research in combustion processes, developped in cooperation with leading public laboratories and validated on the field through industrial partnerships. We anticipate the growing market demands.
As for the environment, we are working on the 2021 regulation with, at stake, the reduction on air polluting emissions. On an economic level, we promote lower energy consumption .

We use to support our Research and Development advanced computer simulation methods and High-performance computing by the large-scale national computers.